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BYPAD improves cycling policy in cities

By Isabella Mayer / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
Even four years after co- funding by the European Commission, the BYPAD (Bicycle Policy Audit) project is still active in helping cities, towns and regions to improve their cycling policy. Since the development of the BYPAD method more than 170 cities, towns and regions in 25 countries have been certified.
BYPAD is an instrument which enables local authorities to evaluate and improve the quality of their cities’ cycling policy, based on the methods of a total quality management. BYPAD was developed in 1999 as EU-project by an international consortium of bicycle experts. In the two follow-up projects, BYPAD+ (2003-2005) and BYPAD-Platform (2006-2008), big efforts have been undertaken to develop not only the spatial coverage but also the methodology. Until now more than 170 cities, towns and regions in 25 countries have implemented BYPAD.

On the basis of BYPAD, the “FahrRad Beratung Oberösterreich” (Bicycle Advisory Upper Austria) worked out together with the municipalities, measures to support activities of daily cycling in the fields of awareness, frame conditions and infrastructure. As part of the ”FahrRad Beratung Oberösterreich” 17 municipalities participated in a BYPAD audit in 2011.

The Walloon region in Belgium launched the project Wallonia Cyclable in 2010. In this project, the Walloon region supported 12 cities and towns to prepare and implement a bicycle policy plan within the next five years. Amongst more than 50 candidate cities and towns, 12 pilot cities and towns took part in a BYPAD audit to set up the first steps to develop a bicycle policy plan.

In France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and also for the first time in Albania and Kosovo BYPAD audits have been carried out in 2011/2012. For more information on BYPAD-certified cities and regions, the BYPAD website offers detailed information.

People that are interested to become a BYPAD-auditor are very welcome to attend the next BYPAD-training in Graz (Austria) from 02 - 04 July 2012 in Graz, Austria. The training will focus on the BYPAD method and the tools needed to conduct a BYPAD audit. Attendees will get full membership of the BYPAD network of towns, cities and regions and experienced cycling experts.

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