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Bucharest set to become more bicycle friendly (Romania)

By News Editor / Updated: 18 May 2017

Bucharest's local government has unveiled plans to further develop the network of bicycle paths within the city. These are part of the Integrated Urban Development Plan (PIDU) and the Urban Mobility Plan Bucharest - Ilfov (PMUD (the link is in Romanian).

The feasibility study for the measures, as well as some of the construction costs of the bicycle paths, will be funded through a 10 million euro grant being given to Bucharest by the European Union.  

If everything goes according to the wishes of Bucharest's Mayor, Gabriela Fiera, then cycling to school and work will become a habit for the city's residents. She also commented that:

"Bucharest can be a bicycle friendly city, as many of the major European capitals area. We have the preconditions to start building a smart bicycle track system in the city that allows the use of bikes, or indeed other non-polluting means of transport, as viable alternatives to cars."

To find out more, visit libertatea.ro (in Romanian).

Image credit: Bucharest Cycle Lanes/2107/11 (image from Flickr) by prebano66 under CC BY-SA 2.0.


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