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Is Brussels calling time on the company car? (Belgium)

By News Editor / Updated: 06 Jun 2017
Traffic in Brussels

It has been revealed that the local government in Brussels has rubber stamped a rule related to the mobility plans offered by businesses.

It would compel large companies - those with more than 100 employees or more than 10 vehicles - to offer their employees two alternative transport packages to the company car.

As of 2018, they will be required to offer a travel plan to employees that provides them with three different options: the traditional company car; a cheaper car with a public transport ticket; or a bike (the "mobility package").

Items that could also be included in the latter include are reimbursements for travelling via taxi and subscriptions for carsharing services.

Businesses only have until 30 June to examine their own internal mobility plans. They then have until the end of December this year to devise an action plan that adheres to the plan.

If the desired impact is achieved, the company car might become a thing of the past in Brussels.

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Image credit: Traffic in Brussels by Flavio Ensiki under CC BY 2.0. The image was brightened slightly in comparison to the original.

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