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Bagheria council approves Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (Italy)

By News Editor / Updated: 08 Feb 2017

The city council of Sicilian town of Bagheria has unanimously approved a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP).

The plan consists of a series of coordinated actions in the public and private transport sectors and will be a key instrument to support, in an integrated way, environmentally sustainable projects and engage in sustainable mobility policies related to air quality.

Bagheria, a commune in the metropolitan city of Palermo, needed months of studies, integrative local surveys, future scenario predictions to realise the plan – including the analysis of pricing policies, economic impact, safety and functional design.

Gaetano Baiamont, the councillor for urban planning and mobility, said: 'The SUMP must guarantee all citizens transport options that allow them to access destinations and key services; improve safety conditions; reduce air and noise pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption; improve efficiency and affordability of people and goods transport; and help improve the attractiveness of an area and the urban environment.'

Proposed measures included modernising a motorway junction, constructing new parking lots, introducing electrical or natural-gas buses, creating new green areas, implementing and optimising cycle paths, and using soft mobility options such as car-sharing schemes and walking-bus projects.

For more information visit comune.bagheria.pa.it (in Italian)

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