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26 Jul 2016 - 13:26:11
Policy and research, Walking and cycling
26 Jul 2016 - 11:00:00
Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
25 Jul 2016 - 11:37:45
Policy and research
  • 25 Jul 2016 / Urban mobility planning

    The EU-funded JASPERS programme is offering training on...

  • 21 Jul 2016 / Urban mobility planning

    The mayor of Vila Nova de Famalicão in Portugal has promised to use EU funds to progress with an ambitious urban development plan that includes investing in sustainable urban mobility measures...

  • 20 Jul 2016 / Collective passenger transport, Clean and energy-efficient vehicles

    The city of Nyíregyháza in northeastern Hungary is to purchase 47 environmentally friendly buses to introduce cleaner vehicles into its public transport fleet.

    During a recent council...

  • 20 Jul 2016 / Walking and cycling

    A new study from the US says that having better access to data can help get kids walking and cycling to school.

    In its report, the nonprofit...

  • 19 Jul 2016 / Public and stakeholder involvement

    A new sustainable urban mobility network that will help Romanian cities and organisations learn about and exchange experiences on mobility and transport launched last month in Timișoara.


  • 18 Jul 2016 / Urban mobility planning

    With man’s environmental impacts and global warming creating a myriad of challenges to our planet, it is now the time to implement and encourage cutting-edge initiatives in sustainability.


  • 15 Jul 2016 / Intermodality

    Maltese public transport users made over 32 million trips over the last year using the country’s new travel smartcard, according to Malta’s public transport operator.

    Since the launch of...

  • 14 Jul 2016 / Policy and research, Collective passenger transport

    A new study says that replacing traditional buses on fixed routes with on-demand flexible shared vehicles can improve citizens’ access schools, health services and work opportunities.


  • 13 Jul 2016 / Urban mobility planning

    UNDP Georgia has announced a Request for Proposals on behalf of the UNDP-GEF project 'Green Cities: Integrated Sustainable Transport for the City of Batumi and Ajara Region'.

    The objective...

  • 13 Jul 2016 / Walking and cycling

    Earlier this month the city of Kiev launched a pilot of its first bicycle rental service, allowing residents and tourists to get around the city easily on two wheels.

    German company...