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Air quality and public health: class action in 45 Italian cities (Italy)

By Florinda Boschetti / Updated: 29 Jun 2016

Italy's consumer association Codacons has launched a campaign to draw attention to poor air quality in cities. Residents of the 45 cities across the country affected by high levels of air pollution from motorised traffic will be able to seek €2,000 in compensation.
Data collected in these cities reveal that the limit value for the daily Pm10 concentration in the air imposed by law (50 µg/m³) was exceeded more than 35 times in a calendar year. “Cities and Regions are obliged to monitor polluting agents most dangerous to human health, such as Pm10 and Pm2.5 and secure citizens’ health through adequate measures to reduce pollution and improve air quality”, says Codacons.

Nevertheless, according to WHO, 8,500 people die in Italy every year from exposure to motor vehicle emissions. For this reason, Codacons has launched a campaign for a class action targeting all residents, whether they are in perfect health or not. The aim is to raise awareness among the population of the risks posed by motorised vehicles and to call upon public authorities to take immediate action towards more sustainable urban mobility.

Codacons’ action follows a WHO announcement on 12 June when its International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reached the conclusion that diesel engine exhaust causes lung cancer in humans.


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