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16 Aug 2018 - 18:41:54
Urban mobility planning
16 Aug 2018 - 14:01:17
Walking and cycling
CIVITAS Politicians' Forum 2017
15 Aug 2018 - 10:14:34
Urban mobility planning, Policy and research, Scheme appraisal, Public and stakeholder involvement, Monitoring and evaluation, Quality, audits and benchmarking, Walking and cycling, Collective passenger transport
  • 08 Aug 2018 / Clean and energy-efficient vehicles

    The UK Department for Transport has opened a call to collect experience, evidence and expertise...

  • 08 Aug 2018 / Policy and research

    In order to address the city's existing transport problems, the City of Edinburgh Council has been developing a strategic document setting out three different options for the future development of...

  • 08 Aug 2018 / Policy and research, Mobility management

    CityLab reports on the increasing number of partnerships between public transport providers and ride-hailing...

  • 08 Aug 2018 / Clean and energy-efficient vehicles

    There are 700 000 light mopeds in use in The Netherlands; only 6 % of these are electric. The other 94 % are petrol-powered and cause relatively high levels of pollution in cities. The Dutch...

  • 08 Aug 2018 / Urban mobility planning, Other

    A feature of Londons new 'Vision Zero' road safety action plan has led to the Sadiq Khan to announce his intention to make the default speed in London 20 mph. Speed cameras, on-street enforcement...

  • 08 Aug 2018 / Urban mobility planning, Collective passenger transport

    Paris commuters to benefit from modernised trains in an effort to manage urban congestion.

    Rail technology company,...

  • 06 Aug 2018 / Clean and energy-efficient vehicles

    A compact electric car rental service, using Birò vehicles, is being developed in the Portguese capital Lisbon. The Birò is a 100 % electric vehicle; it is very compact, quiet and has a removable...

  • New MaaS app for Madrid
    03 Aug 2018 / Collective passenger transport, Mobility management, Traffic and demand management

    The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) of Madrid has launched a new mobile application for shared mobility, Maas Madrid. The application for mobile devices, MaaS Madrid, went “live” in late July...

  • 01 Aug 2018 / Urban mobility planning, Public and stakeholder involvement, Clean and energy-efficient vehicles, Intermodality, Mobility management

    If your region, city or town is developing a sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP) for its functional urban area or is implementing or planning to implement a pilot measure for LOW-carbon...

  • 01 Aug 2018 / Policy and research


    Policy on air pollution tends to focus on pollutants that come from the exhaust fumes of petrol and diesel vehicles, such as NO2 and particulate matter. Little attention is given to...