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Independent Travel Training Package in Warrington (UK)

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

Warrington Borough Council has produced an “Independent Travel Training Package” in order to assist in particular people with learning disabilities and visual impairments but also people who cannot read and those from ethic minorities.

Background & Objectives


Independent travel training schemes are very common nowadays and are crucial steps to a more accessible public transport system since it is not just the surroundings of the people in need which must be adapted. For PRM it is also important to know how to use accessible vehicles so that the barriers to using public transport become fewer.
Warrington Borough Council in the Northeast of England, for example, has produced an “Independent Travel Training Package.” The aim is to assist people with learning disabilities and visual impairments and also people who cannot read english.




The package basically consists of five measures. Besides a training manual, a travel game, and videos and DVDs, a travel wallet was implemented to help the driver and user communicate on the details of a desired trip. This wallet contains emergency contact>details, the number of the local travel information service as well as photographs of the user’s home/start point and of normally visited key destinations/finish points along with the bus number. Furthermore it identifies the user as entitled to extra assistance. The fifth element of the package is the real-time information key fob given out to disabled people that can be used to activate real time audio announcements at stops.




The Independent Travel Training is accompanied by other measures to make public transport more accessible. These include the implementation of low-floor buses and accessible taxis as well as compulsory awareness training for drivers of taxis and private hire vehicles.

Links for further information:
Scottish Government Publication
Warrington Borough Council

or see attached documents (European Practice Review: pp. 67-69)


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