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Car sharing in Bremen/Germany

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Aug 2014

Car sharing in Bremen: A success story to be extended

Objectives / Innovative Aspects

Car-Sharing is a modern service to have a car available without the need of ownership. Bremen as a leading city of Car-Sharing is implementing within Vivaldi:

  • new and enlarged Car-Sharing stations in conjunction with PT-stops
  • targeted offers for clients (business sector, families, bikers)
  • Defining standards for consumer convenience
  • Improving the technological devices (access, lockers, booking software)
  • Introducing easy-to-digest consumer information
  • Launching simple tariff structure

The Measure

Attractive offers by increased efficiency:
The request of customer for good value for money can be realised by highly efficient operational proceedings. Process optimisation through software tools, common procurement of cars, corporate image for clients, clear benchmarks and a highly professional service are core elements for a successful and innovative mobility service.

Implementation Status

Within Vivaldi eight new Car-Sharing stations have been opened: three in the centre of the city at main PTcrossings; one at the edge of the city centre; two along tram lines and two in the periurban area.
In the wider corridor of the Vivaldi project a Car-Sharing service has been launched (cambio Oldenburg) - also in cooperation with the local PT operator.

Business clients are important, to have a better balance of the demand during the day - and thus increasing the efficiency of car use. (up to 45 %).
Two easy to communicate tariffs reached more and more business clients - bigger ones with more than 60 people and also smaller one-person start ups. This interest proves the win-win concept of Car-Sharing: it is good for
the environment and for the economy.

The implemented technology allows now innovative services like open-end booking and automatic cancellation. The cambio smartcard works for the entire cambio network in Germany and also in Belgium and as well for the service of partner operators in Germany.


Within the first three years of the Vivaldi project (2002-2005) the number of Car-Sharing users in Bremen increased by about 43 % (from 2.455 to 3.512 in January 05). In January 2010, the number has reached about 5,500 customers - which represents a further growth of 56%.

The Senate of Bremen decided for a Car-Sharing Action Plan, in which the city will continuously support Car-Sharing by dedicating more public parking space to Car-Sharing and sets the aim for 20'000 users by 2020.

  1. Major impacts are on clean air management - as the cars are of latest emission standard - , on CO2-reduction - as the cambio Car-Sharing fleet in Bremen has an average CO2-emission of 129g/km and on the consumption of street space as about 1,000 cars were replaced by Car-Sharing.
  2. The number of Car-Sharing cars in Bremen rose within the CIVITAS project period from 80 to about 100 in average, and will be in 2010 about 150.
  3. All targets of Car-Sharing within Vivaldi Bremen were achieved.

Further information: http://www.civitas.eu/measure_sheet.phtml?lan=en&id=287



Kerstin Homrighausen
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27 Mar 2006
29 Aug 2014
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