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Acoustic Underground Orientation System POPTIS in Vienna (Austria)

By News Editor / Updated: 02 Sep 2014

POPTIS (Pre-On-Post-Trip-Information-System) is an acoustic orientation system offered by the public transport operator “Wiener Linien” in the underground network of Vienna.

Background & Objectives


On a CD-ROM all possible footpaths in stations of the U3 underground line are explained to visually impaired people. The user gets the information from the computer or on the go from a pocket CD player. The CD-ROM is divided in tracks and each station matches one track. Every track is subdivided in trips that respectively match one footpath.




The CD fully explains the following: boarding, disembarking, changing platforms, transferring from the underground to a tram, transferring from bus lines to the underground, as well as all recommended footpaths and alternatives routes in the case of interruptions.

POPTIS is used:


  • to support trip preparations
  • as a guide and aided recall for visually impaired people
  • as assistance for private study
  • as road safety education for teenagers at schools for the blind
  • for the education of persons, losing their site
  • as a guide for managers of mobility trainings


The test phase for the pre-trip function began in November 2004. As of now the description for the underground lines U1, U3 and U4 are available on the “Wiener Linien” homepage. Additionally, an automatic, selective text transmission is planed, provided that the positioning via mobile phone is enhanced.





On their webpage, the “Wiener Linien” provides a lot of information and explanations about the system: how it works, how to use it, important definitions and behaviour recommendations in unexpected situations.

Link for further information:
POPTIS on Wiener Linien website


Torsten Belter
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