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By Admin Eltis / Updated: 26 Jun 2015
By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 29 May 2015

Lisbon invests € 3.2m in pedestrian safety (Portugal)


The Portuguese capital of Lisbon will invest a total of € 3.2m in improving the accessibility and safety of the city's pedestrian network over the next three years.

Actions include adapting pedestrian crossings and bus stops, repairing and resurfacing pavements and removing obstructions.

Traffic calming measures will also be introduced in the areas where pedestrian safety is poorest, according to municipal data.

By Mobility Plans ... / Updated: 02 Jul 2015

Seminar on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Portugal

The European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in co-operation with the EU-funded CIVINET and ENDURANCE projects is organising a half-day seminar on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Lisbon (Portugal).

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 07 Apr 2015

Co-operation in Braga for more sustainable transport (Portugal)


A collaboration agreement on developing a more sustainable city has been signed between the Portuguese municipal government of Braga, the local public transport operator TUB and the University of Minho.

'Our ultimate goal is that Braga [becomes] a city where public transport is tailored to the needs of the population,' said Braga's Mayor, Ricardo Rio. 'As the owner of the public transport operator, the municipal government intends to grant it the necessary technical capacity, which this collaboration agreement provides.'

By Samantha Jones / Updated: 01 Apr 2015

ASSISTANT project final event

The ASSISTANT project is now in its final, prototype phase and its final event will be held at the ICT4AgeingWell 2015 conference in Lisbon (Portugal). 

The project is developing an application for home computers and smartphones that helps older travellers plan public transport trips and provides guidance during their journeys.

By Alexia / Updated: 12 Mar 2015

EU supports use of gas in Portuguese freight transport


The European Union's TEN-T Programme has committed over € 150 000 to national policy development for the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Portuguese road transport.

LNG is a greener, cheaper alternative to conventional fuel and has the potential to reduce the emissions of freight trucks on European highways. The initiative is part of a larger project aiming to develop an integrated energy action plan for fuel diversification in the transport sector.

By Alexia / Updated: 04 Mar 2015

Cross-border cycle path for Spain and Portugal


As part of a cross-border cooperative project, Eurocity of the Guadiana, a proposal has been put forward to introduce a cycle lane to the Guadiana International Bridge, which crosses the Guadiana River connecting Ayamonte (Spain) and Castro Marim (Portugal).

Eurocity of the Guadiana is a project that links three municipalities - Vila Real de Santo António, Castro Marim and Ayamonte - and aims to support cross-border institutional cooperation.

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By Alexia / Updated: 25 Feb 2015

Lisbon to open bus lanes to motorbikes (Portugal)


Lisbon City Council has announced plans to allow motorcycles to use bus lanes in an effort to reduce congestion and travel times, and increase safety for motorcyclists

Proposals to give motorcycles and mopeds an advanced starting position at traffic lights have also been approved.

Portugal's Highway Code allows these amendments, which would bring ‘significant improvements in mobility and the energy efficiency of Lisbon,’ according to Councillor João Ferreira.

By Alexia / Updated: 09 Feb 2015

€500 000 for cycling network in Matosinhos (Portugal)


Matosinhos has committed € 500 000 to the development of bicycle paths in the city’s port area to get more residents to take up cycling.

José Pedro Rodrigues, the councillor responsible for mobility and transport, said that the investment is a ‘strategy to encourage the use of bicycles and other soft modes of transport as an alternative, or complement, to mass public transport’.

Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2015. As part of the plans the local authority performed studies on bicycle safety, utilising public space and inclusivity.

By News Editor / Updated: 30 Jan 2015

Lisbon introduces car restrictions (Portugal)


The Portuguese capital, Lisbon, has created a low-emissions zone (LEZ) in the city centre that bans older cars from entering during peak hours.

Cars registered before 2000 will no longer be allowed to enter what is known as ‘Zone 1’ between 07:00 and 21:00, while cars from 1996 or earlier will also be forbidden from driving within Lisbon’s outer ‘Zone 2’.

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