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By Ella Andrew / Updated: 09 May 2019

Urban Transport 2019

The International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment has successfully been reconvened for 25 years, always attracting a wide international spread of delegates.

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 29 Apr 2019

Cycling education will soon be taught to pupils in Portuguese schools


By 2030, the Portuguese Government aims to boost cycling mobility throughout the country and is going to pursue this objective by making it compulsory for children to learn how to ride their bikes at primary school. This is one of the 51 measures foreseen in the National Strategy for Active Mobility, recently presented by António Costa, Portuguese Minister of the Environment and José Mendes, Deputy Secretary of State and Mobility at the city of Barreiro.

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 18 Apr 2019

4th EAI International Conference on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in Urban Space (Urb-IoT 2019)

The increasing deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is opening up new avenues of research opportunities towards that future. Although, there have been a number of deployments of diverse IoT systems in the urban space, our understanding of these systems and their implications has just scratched the surface.

Urb-IoT is the 4th EAI International Conference on IoT in Urban Space, which will discuss these new avenues for research and broaden our understanding of IoT technologies. 

The conference will cover multidisciplinary contributions in the areas of:

By Cecilia Silva / Updated: 12 Mar 2019
By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 06 Mar 2019

Portugal Ciclável 2030: a long-term plan to foster cycling mobility


The Portuguese government plans to invest 300 million euro by 2030 in the construction of new bike lanes, linking already existing ones, in order to encourage the use of bicycles at the expense of cars, as announced by the Minister of the Environment, Mr John Matos Fernandes.

By Tom Nokes / Updated: 21 Feb 2019
By Chiara Benetti / Updated: 06 Mar 2019

European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE) 2019

The 27th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition taking place between 27 and 30 May 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal, is a premier global event for research and development on all aspects of this dynamic energy sector, attracting over 1 500 participants from more than 65 countries. It is a world class renowned science-to-science, business-to-business and science-to-industry platform with an absolute and exclusive focus on the global Biomass sector.

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 06 Feb 2019

Cycling in Europe: Celebrating success in a starter city - Águeda, Portugal


The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) has produced guidance to support the design and implementation of cycling projects in the Member States. This new guidance builds on the existing city and national-level information to provide a coherent and ‘universal’ set of guidelines that will be relevant to a range of different cities and environments.

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 15 Jan 2019

Municipalities of Braga (PT) and Pontevedra (ES) create partnership for urban mobility projects


The Portuguese Municipality of Braga has partnered with the Spanish City of Pontevedra in developing a Mobility and Traffic Management Study.

This study will be an instrument that will establish a global strategy for intervention in accessibility and mobility management, and will define a set of actions and measures that contribute to the implementation of a more sustainable model, focussing on economic development, greater social cohesion and ensuring environmental protection and energy efficiency.

By Robert Pressl / Updated: 19 Sep 2018

Participate at the Portuguese National Meeting on SUMPs

The European Commission has recognised sustainable urban mobility planning as a core element of the European vision for Urban Mobility. As part of the effort to spread the message and increase uptake of this planning approach, Portugal has organised a special event which will run back-to-back with activities in European Mobility Week.