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By Anna Clark / Updated: 07 May 2019

Cycle Education - get on yer bikes!

Become a change agent and support the systemic shift to more cycling by learning about successful cycling innovations and change management. This course is about understanding how to support a systemic shift to more cycling. We have the tools and the good examples, but how can we contextualise them, communicate about the need and support the shift to more cycling-friendly planning?

By Anonymous (not verified) / Updated: 30 Apr 2019
By Anonymous (not verified) / Updated: 30 Apr 2019
By Anonymous (not verified) / Updated: 30 Apr 2019
By Anonymous (not verified) / Updated: 30 Apr 2019
By Youris.com / Updated: 28 Mar 2019

Smart city: enthusiasm but caution on new 5G technology


5G networks no doubt have the technological specs necessary to power smart cities, but without careful design and planning the complexity of integrating everything from traffic to health care could prove overwhelming

Long-touted advances of smart cities may finally become reality with the increases to wireless network speeds and bandwidths promised by the switch to 5G. Seamless integration of our homes, cities and utilities can change the way we interact with everything from grocery stores to doctors.

By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 04 Feb 2019
By Ella Andrew / Updated: 30 Jan 2019

Planning and Promotion of Cycling in Denmark - Study Trip

The study trip will include lectures about Odense, Copenhagen and Gladsaxe (a Copenhagen suburb, entitled 'This Year's Bicycle Municipality' by Danish Cyclists' Federation 2016). There will also be plenty of bicycle trips in and outside of Copenhagen, some of them on bicycle superhighways, others in combination with public transport. This will enable participants to experience Danish cycling themselves. 

The study trip starts with an event on the evening of 28 April, which will be the first of several opportunities for formal and informal discussions. 

By Fiona Twisse / Updated: 15 Jan 2019

Aarhus encourages residents to trial alternative means of commuting


From 2014 to 2017, the City of Aarhus in Denmark ran the Smart Mobility project, which consisted of 22 mobility management pilot projects. The pilots developed, tested and evaluated different ‘soft measures’ and their impact on commuting behaviour. Their evaluation has delivered a wealth of knowledge and expertise on how to influence people to commute differently.

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 17 Sep 2018

Copenhagen uses short car-free sections to encourage cycling


Experience in the Danish capital Copenhagen, suggests that preventing motorised traffic from using short sections of a major thoroughfare enhances the use of the route by cyclists. This is the result of the implementation of so-called 'filtered permeability' on two sections of Nørrebrogade, in central Copenhagen.