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By Francesco Ripa / Updated: 21 May 2019

Prague is exploring water trams


Prague City Hall is exploring the idea of introducing water trams to transport people up and down the Vtlava, the river running through the Czech capital.

The City Council approved calls for a study to show how the project could be implemented. The proposed water tram routes would become an integral part of Prague’s transport system and complement the current ferries that connect the two banks of the river.

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By Francesco Ripa / Updated: 12 Mar 2019

Prague to offer free public transport during smog warnings


The Municipality of Prague has announced that public transport will be free during declared smog emergencies, in the hope that commuters will leave their cars at home. Air pollution and smog are frequent concerns in major cities throughout the Czech Republic.

By Ralf Tinga / Updated: 03 Dec 2018

Regional Park and Rides should relieve congestion in Prague


The City of Prague is struggling with the high number of incoming commuter cars and a subsequent shortage of parking spaces. The capital’s new governing coalition has sought the help of the neighbouring region of Central Bohemia to address the issue.

By Ralf Tinga / Updated: 05 Jun 2018

Czech magazine analyses cycling in Prague since 2008


The Czech magazine Prahou Na Kole (Prague by bike) reports about developments in cycling conditions in Prague. The online magazine compares results of several studies done over the last ten years, and concludes that cycling conditions have been stagnating since 2015.

The most recent report was issued last autumn by Technical Administration of the City of Prague (TSK), and concludes that ‘cycling in Prague experienced some downs after a large increase in 2012’.

By Gabor Heves / Updated: 22 May 2018

Regional Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning for Functional Urban Areas: Improving Capacities to Lower CO2 Emissions

This workshop targets mobility planners (primarily regional authorities, city planners and public transport companies) with a view to exchanging knowledge and experience about integrated low-carbon mobility planning. It will raise participants’ capacities to set-up coordinated management structures in functional urban areas. Ultimately, through improved coordination, mobility planning and deployment of innovative technology, this workshop will contribute to emission and congestion reduction in Central Europe’s functional urban areas.

By Tom Nokes / Updated: 14 Mar 2018
By Ralf Tinga / Updated: 14 Feb 2018
By balazskozak / Updated: 20 Feb 2018

National SUMP Training for Czech Cities

SUMP training for Czech cities/municipalities or city-owned companies

Training topics:

- Achieving political and internal buy-in
- Communication and stakeholder involvement in the new SUMP - measures
- Urban Transport Roadmaps tool
- Use of public space

The training is free of charge!
Travel and subsistence of the selected trainees is covered by PROSPERITY project.

Language: Czech
Due to the participation of European mobility experts as trainers, interpretation will be provided from English to Czech.

By News Editor / Updated: 20 Aug 2017
By News Editor / Updated: 13 Feb 2017

Setting up institutional co-operation for Brno’s SUMP (Czech Republic)


The Czech city of Brno started developing its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) in January 2014, when there were no national guidelines for planning authorities to follow. Supported by the EU-funded CH4LLENGE project, it carried out pilot activates to improve communication, participation and co-operation in local mobility planning.