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Mobility Update September 2011

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 15 Jan 2015

Welcome to the Eltis Mobility Update

This month we would like to raise your attention to the Eltis photo database which offers a library of free-to-use high-resolution images related to urban transport. There are currently more than 220 photos available with new photos recently uploaded from the UK and Spain. Please feel free to download photos for use in your publications, ensuring you check the terms of use.

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News Items


International Review of Behaviour Change Initiatives

This newly published Scottish report aims to enhance understanding of the different combinations of mechanisms for behavioural change regarding reducing carbon consumption, and to explore the potential transferability of initiatives to other regional contexts. The report reviews a range of behaviour change initiatives that have attempted to reduce the carbon intensity of consumption practices.
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New name for future EU funding programme for research and innovation

The European Commissioner for Research and Innovation has announced the new name for the future EU funding programme for research and innovation: "Horizon 2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation". Research and innovation funding will focus more clearly on addressing global challenges.
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Increased bicycle use sees a decrease in accidents (Germany)

While bicycle use in German cities is increasing, the number of accidents involving cyclists is decreasing. Germany’s traffic club analysed accident statistics involving cyclists in 43 cities with more than 100.000 inhabitants between 2005 and 2010.
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Floating Dutchman makes maiden trip (The Netherlands)

The amphibious bus, Floating Dutchman, has made its maiden trip between Schiphol and Amsterdam. As of now, the bus sails and drives three times a day from the Airport of Schiphol to Amsterdam. The city of Amsterdam hopes to attract more tourists to the city.
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CIVITAS Initiative launches brand new website

The CIVITAS Initiative presents its revamped website! The aim has been to make the website more accessible, easy to use and “fit for the future”.
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Final results of carsharing experiment in Vercors (France)

At the end of 2010 the General Council of Isere launched a car sharing experiment with electric vehicles for the inhabitants of Vercors. Rather than a classical approach to involve people in car sharing schemes, the Vercors experiment used a smartphone application to organise its car sharing scheme.
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Introducing Momo – more options for energy efficient mobility through car-sharing

All European cities face a similar problem: there are too many cars and too little space. The momo project addresses this problem using car-sharing. Car-sharing saves public space! A good car-sharing service can easily replace 10 private cars for every car-sharing vehicle provided. Car-sharing reduces the carbon footprint of transport. Car share users drive less and instead walk, cycle and use public transport. The emission standards of car-sharing vehicle tend to be better than those of privately owned vehicles and there are life-cycle savings from the cars which will not be produced and sold to private owners.

Today, there are about 500,000 car-sharers in Europe. But the potential is much larger: the EU27 could have 6 million car-sharers by 2020 – if there was more knowledge and support. Europe’s cities could be relieved from the burden of about 600,000 cars which will no longer demand parking space. Parked end-to-end, these cars would require a parking space of 3,000 kilometres length, equivalent to a distance from Stockholm to Madrid or from London to Athens! If one attempted to provide parking garages for these cars, an investment of about €9 billion  would be necessary! The ‘momorandum’, the key political document of the final momo conference on 15th September 2011, calls on the European Commission to exploite this enormous potential for sustainable mobility.

Within the momo project, the city of Bremen has developed the first municipal Car-Sharing Action Plan in a European city - with a target of at least 20,000 car-sharers by 2020 – reducing the demand for parking in the inner city neighbourhoods by about 6,000 cars.

LATEST NEWS: The Bremen Car-Sharing Action was awarded with the Austrian Mobility Award of VCÖ (Austrian Transport Club). On 27th September 2011, the Austrian Minister for Transport, Doris Bures, the Minister for Environment Nikolaus Berlakovich and the Head of the Austrian Mobility Club VCÖ, Willi Nowak handed over the award to Michael Glotz-Richter as representative of the City of Bremen.


Momo is co-funded by the EU under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

Website: www.momo-cs.eu

See how car-sharing works in practice: http://www.momo-cs.eu

This car sharing video clip is also available from the Eltis video section: http://www.eltis.org

“Imagine this happening 600,000 times in Europe”: video spots how street space can be used for better purposes than parking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lySRP1DjDBE

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CORPUS Workshop on Sustainable Mobility


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