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Mobility Update October 2012

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 15 Jan 2015

Welcome to the Eltis Mobility Update!

Eltis is the biggest information platform on urban transport in Europe, and in the past few years its layout and structure has been significantly improved, and the services provided significantly expanded.

Based on Eltis user requirements, a key task of the Eltis team is to provide as many new case studies, as regularly, and in as many languages, as possible. There are currently more than 1,450 case studies online, and more will appear on a regular basis. Of these, more than 300 are already translated into German, Polish and Italian, more than 220 are translated into Spanish and Italian, and more than 160 are translated into Latvian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Swedish, Portuguese and Romanian. We are currently in the process of translating further case studies, so please keep checking this section for further updates.

In this month's guest column on “Does transport investment create jobs and lead to economic growth?”, David Scotney, Research Associate at the Transport Research institute, Edinburgh Napier University, presents some initial ideas that should open up a good discussion.

We wish you pleasant reading.

Your Eltis Team


Public consultation: The urban dimension of the EU transport policy

The European Commission wishes to explore with the public and all relevant stakeholders how best to contribute with targeted EU-level action to high-quality and sustainable urban transport and mobility for all users in the 27 EU Member States. A public consultation was launched on the 17th September on the future development of the urban dimension of EU transport policy. The consultation will be open for 12 weeks until the 10th December, 2012.

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Congestion charge in Milan relaunched (Italy)

On the 17th September, the congestion charge scheme named Area C was re-launched in Milan. It will be active on an experimental basis until March 2013. It applies from 7:30 to 19:30 on weekdays (except Thursday: 7:30-18:00). Within six months of the initial implementation of Area C, traffic levels were reduced by on average 34% compared to the same period in 2011. The speed of public transport also increased by about 6% (buses) and 5% (trams). Other relevant results include a reduction in the number of accidents (-28%) and a PM10 exhaust emissions reduction of 23%, and more specifically a total reduction of PM10 (-22%), ammonia (-15%), nitrogen oxides (-20%), carbon dioxide (-22%) and Black Carbon concentrations (up to -40%).

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Trends in Transport: 2012 edition with latest data

Authoritative, up-to-date statistical data on global transport developments can be found in the latest edition of the Forum's Annual Trends in Transport publication. How have the passenger and freight transport sectors evolved in recent years and during the crisis? And what about road safety? This pocket-sized brochure presents data on global trends in the transport sector with the latest figures on the impact of the recent economic crisis.

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Cycling is on the rise in Iceland

Even though Reykjavik has one of the highest levels of car ownership per capita in the world - a staggering 680 cars per 1,000 residents - there’s a noticeable increase in the number of inhabitants who cycle to work and to the shops. The sales manager of one of the biggest bike shops in Reykjavik, Ragnar Ingólfsson, says that the government is starting to plan all roads with cyclists in mind and Reykjavik is to spend billions of Icelandic kronur on bike paths for commuters.

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Viral campaign encourages voters to walk or cycle (Belgium)

On the 1st September, a voting booth was mysteriously planted in a street in Leuven. People entering were in for a mobility-related surprise. Mobiel 21, an NGO that promotes sustainable mobility, launched a viral campaign to make Flemish residents think about their mode choice when they go to vote for the local elections on the 14th October. They posted a video on YouTube showing a lonesome voting booth in the middle of a street in the city of Leuven, with a notice saying “vote and win”.

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CIVITAS celebrates its 10th birthday

Since 2002, the CIVITAS Initiative has supported 59 cities implementing over 730 innovative measures for sustainable urban mobility. Including Commission support of 197 million euros, the CIVITAS Initiative will leverage a total investment by cities of 370 million euros in four phases. It is intended to continue research and demonstration of innovative urban mobility technologies and policies, in the frame of the Horizon 2020 Programme, the new framework programme for research and innovation.

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36 new case studies have been added to the Eltis Case studies database in September 2012

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Introducing: “TAPAS - Transportation, Air pollution and Physical Activities: How to benefit from active transport?

Active transport offers an effective alternative to the harmful health effects of sedentary lifestyles. The benefits of active transport are currently being evaluated by the TAPAS project (http://www.tapas-program.org/), a multinational research project running from 2008-2013), coordinated by CREAL (Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology) in Barcelona. Partners from six European cities (Barcelona, Paris, Copenhagen, Basel, Prague and Warsaw) are involved in the project

The project attempts to increase knowledge of active transport from various perspectives (e.g. understanding the determinants of active transport, the health impact of active transport and so on). An increase in this understanding would help decision-makers choose the best tools to support active travel and provide scientific-based reasons why active transport should be supported.

However, evaluation of the costs and benefits of active travel is not a simple task. To help address this issue, the project focuses not only on the positive impacts of active travel, but also on negative impacts of air pollution for cyclists and walkers.

A further project aim is to increase understanding of the effectiveness of various measures to support active travel, as this increased knowledge is vital for decision-makers, especially when funds for sustainable transport are limited.

To help achieve this, the project has attempted to quantify the effects of different measures, including construction and improvement of various kinds of cycling infrastructure (e.g. cycling paths, lanes, cycle parking facilities, bike sharing facilities, pedestrian zones, etc.), traffic calming, and fiscal measures to discourage motor traffic (congestion charging, paid parking zones), using advanced statistical methods.

According to the preliminary results:

(1) The length of cycling infrastructure is significantly and positively related to cycling modal share;

(2) The share of car and walking do not depend on the length of cycling infrastructure, and;

(3) The share of public transport significantly declines with the length of cycling infrastructure.

In other words, the statistical results suggest a rather strong link between cycling infrastructure and cycling shares. Public transport appears to be the mode competing with cycling: it is the most probable mode of transport from which new cyclists and walkers can be recruited. To recruit new cyclists from cars, specific tools must be used.

As the project does not finish until the middle of next year, the project outputs are delivered at different stages. To date, a number of published papers and conference presentations have been produced which document some of the initial project research findings, and additional articles are in progress.

Please visit http://tapas-program.org/node/28 for further details and current project downloads.



Eltis user of the month


is Lucia Ilieva, General Manager of the association "Sustainable development of Civil Society", Bulgaria

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