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Mobility Update November 2012

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 15 Jan 2015

Welcome to the Eltis Mobility Update!

We are proud to report that Eltis is attracting increasingly wider attention. In October we recorded more than 350,000 page views and welcomed the 1,500th Friend of Eltis who decided to add a profile to the website. This Mobility Update is received by about 20,000 subscribed readers.

Our readers in Denmark will be interested to know that Eltis now provides more than 160 case studies translated into Danish.

As we mentioned in an issue of Eltis Mobility Update some months ago, it is possible to rate Eltis Case Studies. If you would like to support other users by rating case studies, you have to register as a Friend of Eltis. Becoming a Friend of Eltis is quick, easy and free. To register, click here.

Eltis is a dissemination hub and case studies are an ideal way to tell transport professionals in Europe about your activities regarding sustainable urban transport, about your events and conferences or about the tools that you have developed.

The European Commission would like to see more local authorities develop Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. Training workshops on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans will soon be run in Italy, Hungary, Romania and Latvia. To book your free place visit www.mobilityplans.eu.

In this month's guest column on “Cargo Bike Crazy: The Potential of Delivering Goods By Bike”, Julian Ferguson from the European Cyclists’ Federation analyses why current urban conditions are perfect for moving more goods by cycle.

We wish you pleasant reading.

Your Eltis Team


Nightly bus service for the region of Asturias (Spain)

The Consorcio de Transporte de Asturias (Transport Consortium of Asturias) offers a night service in order to connect the different principal cities of the region and thereby meet the transport needs of residents. With this service, the consortium offers a comfortable and accessible means of transport during the night which encourages people to move away from private vehicle use. The initiative has contributed to a reduction in traffic accidents.

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Intelligent pedestrian crossings in Gdansk (Poland)

Talking devices are installed at tram crossings, warning pedestrians via a voice message of approaching trams. The principle is simple – the induction loops installed in the tracks detect trams in motion and pass on this information. Further talking crossings are to be installed near tram tracks in the coming weeks.

Additionally, the first traffic lights with time counters for pedestrians have begun to work in the Zaspa district of Gdansk. The counters show the waiting time for the green light to appear. In this way, a person wanting to cross a road is encouraged to wait patiently for the light instead of running and taking the risk of being hit. Similar solutions are used in some European countries, and, according to studies, they have significantly decreased the number of accidents involving pedestrians.

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620 million requests for real time London bus information in first year (UK)

Access to the real time bus service information can be made via the Transport for London (TfL) website, a fixed computer or a web enabled phone. Users simply go to the TfL buses webpage for live bus information; then enter a bus route, postcode, street name or bus stop code (these are clearly displayed at all bus stops or available on the TfL website). They can then view live bus arrival times, including bus destinations, for all services due in the next 30 minutes. Passengers without access to the internet can text the bus stop code to 87287 for detailed bus information at a small charge.
In the year since its launch the service has made millions of journeys easier, dealing with 620 million requests for information - an average of 1.6 million requests via the internet and smart phones and 36,000 requests via text each day.

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Cruising in Alba Iulia Citadel by gocarts (Romania)

In the past years, Alba Iulia Municipality has strongly engaged in creating a sustainable urban and suburban transport system. A comprehensive project, part of the overall strategy to ease traffic and reduce traffic congestion, aiming to implement a system of 20km of cycling paths in the city, received financial support in 2011. Private investors set their businesses in tourism and art fields nearby the historical centre and offer bicycles and gocarts for rental.

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CIVITAS MIMOSA launched results video and cities brochure

With initial 'CIVITAS MIMOSA Measures Results' due out in late November 2012, MIMOSA brings a sneak video and brochure preview. Recently launched at the CIVITAS FORUM 2012 in Vitoria Gasteiz, the video and brochure tell of how Bologna, Funchal, Gdansk, Tallinn and Utrecht have worked together over the last 4 years on 69 measures at a cost of €23 million. They had one central ambition: to create a community mind-shift whereby using sustainable urban mobility is a reward, not a sacrifice.

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First eLearning module on trolleybuses now available

The first of three modules is mainly intended for trolleybus novices and will enable users to learn quickly and conveniently about trolleybus basics. The module is available in English but designed to allow those who do not speak English fluently to take part. The module can be accessed after quick registration via the project website.

Visit the training section on Eltis now to access this and other useful training materials.

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ECOMM 2013 Call for papers open

The next ECOMM conference will be held on May 29-31 2013 in Gävle, Sweden. This year's theme is Smart choices require easy access – making sustainable transport a part of everyday life. The conference organisers have put 14 topics up for contributions which deliver the latest state-of-the-art projects, project results and research results, to the mobility management community. Regarding the call for papers: Abstracts for the following formats should be submitted:

  • Pecha Kucha (20 slides à 20 seconds) plus poster
  • Presentation (ca. 20 minutes)

There will be no workshops and no trainings this year
Gävle will share local initiatives and results through a special "meet the Swedes" session

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Introducing: "Go Pedelec"

The aim of the Go Pedelec! project was to comprehensively inform end users, municipal decision-makers and retailers about the so far strongly underestimated means of transport, pedelecs, also known as electric bicycles.

The key project activities included:

The following are the main publicly available results (please use the hyperlinks):

The Go Pedelec! project was co-financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. The project ran from September 2009 to August 2012, involving ten partners from six Member States.



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is Toomas Põld, Bicycle Roads Coordinator of Tartu

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