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Mobility Update May 2012

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 15 Jan 2015

Welcome to the Eltis Mobility Update!

In this month's guest column on “The case for parking space management”, Prof. Tom Rye presents evidence that managing parking spaces in cities can influence traffic flows and modal choice without incurring economic penalties.

We are also pleased to report the results of our survey on Eltis Mobility Update carried out in January and February this year among the Friends of Eltis. Encouragingly, the vast majority were very satisfied with the Mobility Update and its contents. News, case studies and the highlighted project of the month are the most popular sections; the Eltis User of the Month is the least popular. Around 4 of 5 respondents felt that a newsletter once a month is just right, while about 1 in 5 would prefer a different frequency. The survey was completed by 136 readers. Further results of the surveys can be found here.

SUMP news

The European Commission funded training for local authorities on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans continues. The next technical training workshops will be run in Dublin (28th and 29th of May), in Prague (1st June), and in Ljubljana (4th June). To book a free place at one of these awareness raising and knowledge exchange events visit www.mobilityplans.eu.

We wish you pleasant reading.

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Bucharest’s night bus network extends to the airport (Romania)

Bucharest’s public transport operator (RATB) has decided to extend the night bus network in order to connect the city centre to Henri Coanda Airport. This means express line 783 is now operating 24 hours per day. During the night, buses run every 40 minutes. By moving low-cost flights from Baneasa Airport to Henri Coanda Airport, passenger traffic is projected to grow by 45%. In April alone an additional 6,500 “low-cost” passengers joined the 14,000 already using the airport each day.

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Baby-on-board badges for pregnant London underground commuters (UK)

Transport for London is issuing 'baby-on-board' badges for pregnant women on the city's underground system who wish to be offered a seat by their fellow commuters. Baby-on-board badges for pregnant London underground commuters (UK) - >> read more

Native language training courses on sustainable transport topics

In June Transport Learning will organise more training events in Poland, Hungary, Spain and Portugal to follow on from the first four successful events held this month in Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. The topics this time will be parking space management, access restrictions and speed control; street design, streetscape and traffic calming; communication training; and walking and cycling.

The training courses are designed for employees of municipalities and energy agencies in particular, but will also be available to other interested participants in the eight countries covered. The trainers are international mobility experts and training is offered in national languages, using simultaneous translation. For details of more than 50 courses in June and later.

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Budapest public transport to exploit “liquid asset” (Hungary)

Beginning this June, Budapest’s public transport company, BKV, will expand its riverboat service on the Danube to make it more practical for commuters, according to a popular local blog. To make travel by boat a practical option for commuters, daily services will begin at 7:00 instead of the current 9:00. The last departure in the evening will be at 19:00. Service speeds will also improve.

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Franprix grocery stores the first to be supplied by boat in Paris (France)

Franprix, a subsidiary of Casino group, announced on 16 March that 80 shops in the heart of Paris will be supplied by river from September, thanks to a partnership with the carrier Dentressangle, the port manager Ports de Paris and the waterways manager Voies Navigables de France.

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BYPAD improves cycling policy in cities

Even four years after co- funding by the European Commission, the BYPAD (Bicycle Policy Audit) project is still active in helping cities, towns and regions to improve their cycling policy. Since the development of the BYPAD method more than 170 cities, towns and regions in 25 countries have been certified.

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Key performance indicators for traffic management and intelligent transport systems

Within the CONDUITS project a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) was developed to evaluate the performance of traffic management policies and ITS measures. The indicators together with guidelines on their application can be downloaded at the Tools for Practitioners section of Eltis.

Cycle Fashion as an Agent of Change: One Company's Story

Budapest’s Bagaboo bike bag company typifies a small but growing local industry centered on cycling fashion. Not only has it given a modest livelihood to a small group of people, it also contributes to an emerging culture of green commerce and sustainable mobility, particularly among young, fashion-conscious people.

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Encouraging the use of walking routes to hospitals in London

A series of walking maps have been developed in North London to encourage people to walk more.  These show audited routes around GP surgeries for patients who would benefit from being more physically active and also routes to the Royal Free hospital from nearby public transport interchanges.

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Introducing: The SYNAPTIC mobility cluster

The Synergy of Advanced Transport Solutions (SYNAPTIC) mobility cluster is a strategic cooperation of four successful INTERREG mobility projects in Northwest Europe. The strategic cluster was set up to capitalise on and network project results across the four projects and to pave the way towards seamless integrated public transport hubs and connections in Northwest Europe. The four partner-projects are:

Regions of Connected Knowledge (RoCK – www.rock-project.eu)

Boosting Advanced Public Transport Systems (BAPTS – www.bapts.eu)

Improving Connectivity and Mobility Access (ICMA – www.icma-mobilife.eu)

Sustainable Transport for North-West Europe's Periphery (SINTROPHER – www.sintropher.eu)

The strategic cluster aims to promote integrated mobility networks and solutions facilitating door-to-door journeys by public transport as well as to enhance the framework conditions in northwest Europe in the present and next programming period.

This is being done through a passenger-focused – as opposed to a provider-focused – approach to mobility in northwest Europe. Future scenarios (based on the year 2030) were created by three international student teams based on journey audits that they carried out. The SYNAPTIC team will “backcast” from the future to determine the steps needed to reach their vision. The project team will develop a strategic mobility action plan for 2030 with recommendations that they will take to Brussels with the intent of helping to shape the focus of the next programming period.

SYNAPTIC also provides a competence hub with future-ready solutions for person-centered, flexible and smart mobility. This innovative good practice-database is open to all those with an interest in mobility. Its intuitive appearance (it looks like an underground map) allows the user to choose the thematic “line” he or she is looking for and to find solutions, examples and contacts.

The project’s related blogspot allows participants to keep track of latest developments in the field of advanced mobility and seamless transport solutions. Mobility experts may register and then share comments and ideas on topics related to seamless mobility.

Finally, the SYNAPTIC partners recently selected the winners of the SYNAPTIC Awards for Excellence in Seamless Mobility to recognise initiatives leading toward seamless mobility in Europe. The winners were selected from among dozens of case studies submitted to Eltis from across Europe and will be announced at the ECOMM conference (http://ecomm2012.eu/) in Frankfurt, Germany in June.

To view the SYNAPTIC competence hub, go to: www.synaptic-cluster.eu or: www.icma-mobilife.eu/solutions-new

The SYNAPTIC blogspot is here: www.synaptic-cluster.eu/blogspot

Some of SYNAPTIC’s strategic priorities are included in the 2011 SYNAPTIC Declaration at: http://www.synaptic-cluster.eu/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/SYNAPTIC_Declaration.pdf



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