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Mobility Update May 2011

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 15 Jan 2015

Welcome to Eltis Mobility Update!

Welcome to the latest edition of the Eltis Mobility Update where you will find an overview of 'what's new and happening' in European Urban Mobility. As always, you can find up to date news, events, case studies, videos and tools on urban mobility on the Eltis website so don't forget to log on, become a friend of Eltis and contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experience with thousands of other professionals across Europe.

Tools of the trade!

In this edition we focus on our 'Tools for Practitioners' section of the Eltis website where you will find online tools, guides and handbooks that can be used to help develop, monitor, assess and evaluate your urban transport schemes. It also contains carefully selected reports from EU funded projects. To assist users, tools are grouped into ten categories:

  • Audits & benchmarking
  • Consultation
  • General resource library
  • Marketing
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Planning & implementation of measures
  • Policy development                                                                     
  • Quality management
  • Scheme appraisal
  • Sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP)

    New tools are added regularly so keep checking the site for the latest tools of the trade and share with the Eltis community any useful materials you have via the Submit a Tool button.

    Tool of the month: AENEAS Stakeholder Involvement Handbook

    The project AENEAS - "Attaining Energy-Efficient Mobility in an Ageing Society."- aims to address the issue of Europes ageing 'car generation' by improving the attractiveness of sustainable transport for people aged 50 and above. Through exchange of good practice it became clear that due involvement of stakeholders is a key to success as older people can be reluctant towards classical tools of marketing and awareness raising. For this reason, the project developed the AENEAS Stakeholder Involvement Handbook which is intended to encourage organisations which are not familiar with stakeholder involvement to try out some of the tools and techniques in their own projects. More information can be found at www.aeneas-project.eu

    Your Eltis team


    News Items

    Treasure hunt on Barcelona's public transport

    For the 23rd year the Barcelona metropolitan transport authority organises a treasure hunt on its transport system. This initiative aims at promoting public transport use among teenagers. It is a competition in which participants travel through the city on public transport solving questions and overcoming obstacles.

    Each spring a new treasure hunt is realised in Barcelona, which is open to everybody, but mostly attended by teenagers. In the 23rd edition, up to 1000 teams are allowed to take part, each team consisting of 4 members. At the start the teams get instructions on the route and clues on the obstacles they will have to overcome and the items they will have to find. The better they perform the more points they get. Additional points can be gained by dressing up according to the predetermined leitmotiv, which this year is “piece of art”, i.e. a symbolic scene or a scene from history, or mythology. The teams get free tickets for travelling on all TMB public transport and are allowed to have a back-up team, provided they do not use cars or motorbikes during the competition.
    >> read more

    Munich's mobility becomes more eco-friendly (Germany)

    Thanks to a sustained effort in smart mobility planning including access restriction and improvement of cycling and walking conditions, the city of Munich evolves towards a more sustainable mobilty pattern.

    The share of motorised individual traffic is shrinking, especially in favour of bicycles. Compared to other cities the share of car drivers (27 %) and car passengers (10 %) of the total traffic is quite small. Fortunately the share of bicycles has increased from 10% to 14% since 2002. Public transport is frequently and willingly used with a total share of 21%. Notably high is the rate of pedestrians (28%).

    Among others this fortunate development of Munich's modal split is based on a successful mobility and land use policy. The strategy behind the success is a combination of access restrictions for cars and appeals for eco-friendly mobility. In the course of eco-friendly aims, Munich wants to become Germany's capital of cyclists with by implementing several meassures.
    >> read more

    European Commission revises energy taxation rules

    The EC has presented its proposal to overhaul the outdated rules on the taxation of energy products. The new rules aim to restructure the way energy products are taxed to remove current imbalances and take into account both their CO2 emissions and energy content. Existing energy taxes would be split into two components that, taken together, would determine the overall rate at which a product is taxed.

    The Commission wants to promote energy efficiency and consumption of more environmentally friendly products and to avoid distortions of competition in the Single Market. The proposal will help Member States to redesign their overall tax structures in a way that contributes to growth and employment by shifting taxation from labour to consumption.
    >> read more

    New Public Transport Act in Poland

    The new act specifies statutory requirements for local authorities and the Ministry of Infrastructure regarding the organisation of public transport markets, transport planning, and the financing and management of public transport services. The act specifies local and national authorities' obligations in the following areas:
    Planning of the transport developmen, Organizing of the public transpor, Management of public transpor, Financing of public transport

    In addition the act requires local authorities to develop and implement a 'Plan for Sustainable Public Transport'. Public consultation is a key requirement for the development of these plans. The act also defines requirements for the of selection of the public transport operators. It is an important piece of legislation, which helps local authorities work with the increasing number of private providers of public transport services and introduces the requirements provided in the Regulation (EC) No 1370/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2007 on public passenger transport services.
    >> read more

    New Bucharest Metro line (Romania)

    The first stage of a new metro line in the Romanian capital will be designed and built within a 267 million euro contract.The contract, awarded by Romania's national metro company - Metrorex, includes civil engineering work to build the 6.1 kilometres of the new underground line, which will include nine stations.

    The project also involves work on the surface. Work is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2011 and will take at most 25 months.The route includes two parallel 5.7 metre diameter tunnels measuring 4.85 km each, and a third tunnel measuring 260 metres linking lines 1 and 5 at Eroilor station. A total of 240,000 m3 of earth and rock will need to be excavated. The nine stations will be located between 15 and 20 metres below ground level.
    >> read more

    Vote & win

    Each issue of Eltis Mobility Update includes a Vote and Win competition for the best new case studies, photo or video clip. To participate, just use our on-line voting tool and enjoy the chance to win prizes! You'll need to enter your name and email address along with your vote anonymously, although you would not be eligible to win a prize.


    The winning photo of the month from the March 2011 Newsletter is

    The winner of the vote in the April issue is  P. Gaffron - read more about P. Gaffron


    New competition - which is your favourite case study?


    London buses go hybrid-electric

    London's historic and world famous red buses are going green, as the city, like many others around the world strives to cut air pollution and save fuel by introducing hybrid propulsion systems in the cities bus fleet.
    >> read more

    'Environmental Friendly Mobility' video, Almada, Portugal

    The main aim of the campaign was to design and produce an attractive and appealing promotional 'tool' to promote public transport within Almada. The main target groups for the campaign were schoolchildren and students, who were actively involved in the development of a promotional video.
    >> read more

    Urban renewal project - The 'Heart of Budapest' (Hungary)

    The 'Heart of Budapest' programme is a complex urban renewal programme which is aiming to revitalise the traffic-laden and deteriorating historic centre of the city. Phase 1 of the project included the construction of a 1.7 km long traffic-calmed axis.
    >> read more

    LED lighting of pedestrian crossings in Chorzów (Poland)

    The municipality of Chorzów has decided to increase the safety of pedestrian crossings by improving street lighting within them. In order to do so, conventional street lighting has been replaced with economical and efficient LED street lamp.
    >> read more

    The 'Scrap Bicycle Arts' Project in Rostock (Germany)

    Every year the Office for Environment Protection in Rostock collects broken and abandoned bicycles for overhaul and rebuild. However, some of these bicycles are just too decrepit to use again. In 2010, a new project, 'Scrap bicycle arts' started to use these 'un-repairable' scrap bicycles by organising a competition to turn these scrap bicycles into art.
    >> read more

    Photovoltaic system for large bus parking area in Sevilla, Spain

    The urban Photovoltaic-power plant at the site of a local public transport operator has a very intelligent concept of a roof system. It provides not only protection against weathering, but also delivers a compensation for electricity fed into the grid.
    >>read more

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