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Mobility Update June 2011

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 15 Jan 2015

Welcome to Eltis Mobility Update!

With this edition we launch two new features to make the Eltis Mobility Update an even more informative read. Each month we will present an interview with or an article by a leading player in the field of urban mobility. This month, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Becker, Head of Department of Transport Ecology at the Technical University of Dresden, writes about two possible transport concepts to respond to rising fuel prices and social challenges:

"Is it possible for our current mobility to actually continue like this? Of course not – that is the bad news! But there’s also good news: we are not defenceless with regard to our problems. Provided we act in a smart and forward-thinking way we’ll be able to have more access, be more mobile (for larger parts of society)  for  less money in the long-term."
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The other new feature is the EU-funded project of the month. This highlights the work of some of the most exciting projects currently underway. In this issue we present PRESTO which assists policy makers and city planners in creating cycle friendly urban environments.

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News Items

Transport Outlook 2011 launched

International Transport Forum of the OECD presents the 2011 edition of "Transport Outlook" focusing on meeting the mobility needs of an expanding world population. "Transport Outlook 2011 focuses on what is probably the biggest single challenge transport faces: How to meet the needs of a rapidly growing world population that will soon reach 9 billion people, and in a way that is sustainable?", said Jack Short, Secretary General of the International Transport Forum
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Call for Tender: Europe-wide awareness raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility

DG Energy launches a Call for Tender for a Europe-wide awareness raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility. Tenders are invited before 07/07/2011. The preparation and implementation of the campaign activities will last for a period of 36 months. Geographically, the services to be delivered should cover the EU Member States, the EEA Member States (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) as well as Croatia.
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London Cycle Challenge is back for 2011

London's Mayor is encouraging Londoners to inspire their friends, family and colleagues on to two wheels by signing up for the London Cycle Challenge. It is run by Transport for London (TfL) and takes place between 18th June and 15th July. The challenge is free to enter and online team registration is now open to everyone who lives, works or studies in London.
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Call for Candidates: Awards for bus operation and coach tourism policy

The bus and coach industry is awarding ambitious actions in the promotion of buses and coaches in urban and inter-urban transport. Candidates for the awards can apply until 15th June. Three awards are up for grabs for innovation, best practices and excellence in bus operation and coach tourism policy. Applications to these IRU Awards are reviewed by an international jury composed of transport policy-makers, leading tourism and travel business representatives, international organisations, city councils and coach transport professionals. Company and city candidates must submit their application dossiers in English or French
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Public says thank you for mobility improvement in Budapest (Hungary)

Budapest's Small Ring was one of the busiest thoroughfares in the centre of Budapest, and subject to numerous debates about how it should be modernised. The most controversial issue being taking away road space from car traffic and parking places, in favour of pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and trees. Cycling activists have organised a public thank you in Budapest. The works are not yet officially inaugurated but the public can enter the reconfigured 'Small Ring' of Budapest, featuring state-of-the-art mobility solutions..
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EU-funded project of the month:

PRESTO - Promoting Cycling for Everyone as a Daily Transport Mode


The PRESTO project applies the best of Europe's know-how on cycling to trigger a higher modal share of cycling, develop a "cycling culture" in cities and strengthen stakeholder cooperation. PRESTO has put city mayors and councillors on pedelecs so that they can experience for themselves the advantages of cycling in cities, which could benefit the whole community for years to come.

PRESTO has produced guides for policy makers to help them develop a cycling policy strategy as well as implementation fact sheets designed as working tools for those implementing cycling policy. The documents, available in a number of European languages, follow three thematic pillars: infrastructure, promotion and pedelecs, taking into consideration whether the city is a 'starter', 'climber' or 'champion' with respect to cycling.

The project has demonstrated that it is necessary to observe a balance between infrastructure and promotion in order to accomplish the status of a successful cycling city and also that starter cities do have the potential to increase their cycling level. PRESTO is running e-learning courses in English for a European-wide audience, which are targeted at those who are implementing cycling policy in starter cities (less than 10% modal share of cycling). Currently courses are available on 'bike to work campaigns', 'intersections' (with a focus on roundabouts) and 'pedelecs'. Further courses are being developed, and will be available later in 2011.

PRESTO is co-funded by the EU under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

Download the Policy Guides and Fact Sheets here.

Website: www.presto-cycling.eu

Contact: Project Coordinator: Rafael Urbanczyk

There will be a break from the regular Vote & Win Competition in this issue of the Eltis Mobility Update.

The winning case study of the month from the May 2011 Newsletter is


The Urban renewal project - The 'Heart of Budapest' (Hungary)

The winner of the vote in the May issue is Sharon Payne from Suffolk County Council,

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