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Mobility Update July 2012

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 15 Jan 2015

Welcome to the Eltis Mobility Update!

Eltis is proud to present its new on-line statistics service. This service provides a central entry point to the most relevant European, global and selected national statistics databases, reports, and webpages focusing on urban mobility data. The section is designed to support individual user requirements by allowing key word and full text search options, as well as a detailed overview of relevant statistics by publisher. All statistics are presented with an intuitive headline, a short description and comprehensive details about publisher, geographic reference, content, direct link and attributed key words.

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The next technical training workshop on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans will be run in Helsinki, Finland on 18th September. To book a free place at one of these technical training events visit http://www.mobilityplans.eu/index.php?id=38.

We wish you pleasant reading and enjoyable holidays.

Your Eltis Team


This time we would like to focus our news selection on funding opportunities, calls and tenders and on an upcoming conference on Urban Mobility.


Funding opportunities to promote multimodal travel behaviour

From June 2012 to March 2015, ‘Do the Right Mix’ will reinforce existing European Mobility Week campaign initiatives at a European, national and local level. Although the new campaign will organise activities throughout the year, European Mobility Week will remain the culmination of the awareness raising activities for sustainable urban transport. The campaign will also recognise Europe's best sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMPs) through an annual award.

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Marco Polo European Infoday and Call for Proposals

The goal of the Marco Polo Programme is to decrease road congestion and air pollution by promoting more sustainable transport solutions for European freight traffic, including the creation and upgrade of freight transport services. The available budget for the 2012 Call is € 64.6 million. Special environmentally-friendly maritime projects, inland waterway projects and rail projects with single-wagon loads are priorities in 2012. The deadline for the submission of proposals is 21st September, 2012.

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Intelligent Energy Europe III public consultation

In the Commission’s proposal for the next Multiannual Financial Framework (2014-2020), it has been proposed that the successor to IEE II (IEE III) will continue under the Energy Challenge of the future EU programme for Research and Innovation ´Horizon 2020´. This public consultation will provide an important contribution for shaping IEE III in Horizon 2020. You are invited to reply to this public consultation by answering the IPM on-line questionnaire. Please submit your response to this public consultation by 5 September 2012 at the latest.

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DG Move calls for tenders

Study on urban transport security:

Study on land transport security regarding cybercrime in urban transport:

Save the date: Conference on Urban Mobility (17 September 2012 – Brussels)

EC Vice-President Siim Kallas invites urban mobility stakeholders to the conference ‘Towards competitive and resource efficient urban mobility’ due to take place in Brussels on the 17th September. This conference will mark the launch of the public consultation on the EU’s urban mobility activities in the context of the White Paper ‘Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area - Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system’.

More information is available on the DG Move and CIVITAS website.

Nominate a city for the Sustainable Transport Awards

ITDP and the STA Committee invite you to nominate a city for the 9th Annual Sustainable Transport Award. Nominations are now open and will be accepted online until September 15, 2012. The Sustainable Transport Award is given to a city or major jurisdiction that has had a profound, mitigating impact on climate change by enhancing the sustainability and liveability of its community using innovative transportation strategies. These strategies should increase mobility for all residents, reduce greenhouse and air pollution emissions, and improve safety and access for cyclists and pedestrians.

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Transylvanian town renews public transport (Romania)

The Romanian city of Arad plans to install five new energy efficient trams and other public transport improvements with an EBRD loan of € 20.4 million. The loan would fund a wider programme of public transport investment intended to improve energy efficiency and aid the city’s efforts to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion.

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Cycling traffic increases by 18% (UK)

A new Sustrans report titled 'The Real Cycling Revolution' shows a record increase in use of the National Cycle Network across the UK. The national report reveals there were 40 million extra journeys made by bike in 2011 than in the previous year; the biggest ever increase at 18 percent.

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Introducing: BAMBINI - Teaching the next generation to step away from the car

Many national and EU-wide projects have worked with children and young people to teach them about the personal, economic and ecological advantages of sustainable mobility modes. In particular active modes, like walking and cycling have many positive implications for individuals, including improved health, fitness, as well as financial savings. However, projects that targeted children so far have focused on children of primary school age or older. But today, many children lead an increasingly sedentary life, being driven everywhere by car, including to kindergarten.

In addition children  learn from their parents’ example; so it is important to start ‘planting the seeds’ for the enjoyment and the skills required for an active life style early; even as early as in pre-birth classes.

The BAMBINI project (www.mobile-bambini.eu) has recognised that how children behave in early childhood is likely to affect their behavior as adults. BAMBINI is the first Europe-wide project that targets the mobility behaviour of very young children (0 – 6 years), their parents, as well as the attitudes of decision makers, to challenge the car culture prevalent in Europe in order to get children active.

As children can best be approached and taught through play, one innovative tool used by the project was specially created toys and books. The Polish toy producing company, BAJO (www.bajo.eu), also a project partner, has produced special BAMBINI toys focusing on soft mobility modes that are now a part of their product line and available on the general market. (See Eltis Video and www.bambini.bajo.eu)

By the end of the project in May 2012 BAMBINI partners from 11 different countries had managed to personally engage over 150,000 children and parents all over Europe through a range of strategies, from giving toddlers in kindergartens and crèches balance bikes, to lending bike trailers to parents to encourage them to leave the car at home.

2,600 health professionals, including teachers and staff from antenatal clinics have been trained and received detailed information about the project’s concept and ideology. They will continue, also after the end of the project, to relay these topics to their target groups (children and expectant parents) by integrating BAMBINI content in the regular activities.

Various books, games and an array of age-appropriate information materials, all produced during the project lifetime, are also available on the BAMBINI website free of charge, for parents and teachers alike.

Another focal point of the project was to ‘return’ some of the road space primarily used for cars in all European cities to children to give them the opportunity to play safely outside and to use this public space for physical activities and social interactions. To achieve these aims BAMBINI has worked with planners and city officials and managed to transform over 20 home zones and playing streets. Most of these implementations happened in France, but other partner countries were also successful. For example, as a result of BAMBINI the first Bulgarian Home Zone has now been established in the spa town or Hisarya and Romania's first Playing Street, implemented in Brasov, is likely to be repeated several times a year.  

Evaluation results demonstrate the success of the project. In total, more than 500,000 individuals, including stakeholders from the toy industry, city officials, decision makers, parents and children have been reached with targeted, printed information. Toolkits and information material for stakeholders and followers can also be downloaded on the website.

For more information please contact: Susanne Wrighton

Toolkits link: http://www.mobile-bambini.eu/docs/1127/Bambini_Toolkit_Home_Zones_and_Playing_Streets.pdf



Eltis user of the month


is Iva Machalová, Transport Specialist at the Brno City Municipality (Transport Department), Czech Republic

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Article of the month

Okariina Rauta is a consultant for the Finish company Motiva Ltd and works on the Finish Mobility Management program. Motiva operates as an affiliated government agency with the aim of promoting the efficient and sustainable use of energy and materials.

Eltis spoke to Okariina Rauta about the success of mobility management in the Helsinki Region and elsewhere in Finland

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Forthcoming events

16. - 22. September 2012

Universal Design 2012 Oslo



24. - 26. September 2012

CIVITAS Forum Network Conference

Vitoria Gasteiz


30. September - 04. October 2012

2012 International Conference on Walking and Sustainable Cities WALK 21

Mexico City


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