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Mobility Update January 2012

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 15 Jan 2015

Welcome to the Eltis Mobility Update!

In the first edition of the year of the Eltis Mobility Update we would like to highlight two dates for training workshops for sustainable urban mobility plans SUMP. The first training event took place in Lithuania on 18th of January at the Lithuanian Parliament in Vilnius and the next one will take place in Latvia on 27th of January at the offices of Riga City Council. For details of both training events see: training events overview: www.mobilityplans.eu/training.

Sally Kneeshaw, Lead Expert in the EVUE Project - Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe, shares her thoughts on electric car mobility (www.eltis.org/eltismobilityupdate).

We would also like to invite you to take a look at the latest videos on Eltis (www.eltis.org/resources/videos). These cover a number of topics including the renewal of a major street in Budapest, Hungary; the London Congestion Charge; and the corporate cycling system in Bolzano, Italy.

In addition, there are more than 20 new photos available to download from the Eltis photo database in the services section (www.eltis.org/resources/photos) – this time from Freiburg, Germany with focus on home zones and car reduced living in the Vauban district.

We wish you a very happy and successful New Year.

Your Eltis Team



€ 67 million available for new Intelligent Energy – Europe projects

The new IEE call for project proposals is open. In 2012, there will be € 67 million available for funding. Applicants are asked to submit ideas for projects in areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, clean transport and local energy investments.
The call closes on 8 May 2012 for all types of actions except the Build Up Skills initiative which has different deadlines.

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Will electric cars change our mobility behaviour? (Germany)

Transport planners from the Technical University Berlin conducted a survey about people's expectations of usage and suitability for daily use of electric cars. Unlike the approach taken in other surveys, the researchers distinguished between a common acceptance of electric mobility and willingness to change personal mobility.

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Find a free parking spot with your smartphone (Belgium)

The city of Mechelen and the Belgacom telecommunications company are developing a pilot project to allow users to find a free parking space through mobile phone, smartphone or GPS and the use of sensors.

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International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD): new web portal launched

A co-operative worldwide database of published information on transport and transport research is at the heart of International Transport Research Documentation (ITRD). ITRD is now part of the Transport Research International Documentation (TRID) database.

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New guidelines for conducting Active Travel Audits available as a tool on Eltis

As part of the URBACT European exchange and learning programme, the Active Travel Network has produced guidelines for conducting Active Travel Audits to improve conditions for walking and cycling in cities. It is a further development of the BYPAD audit scheme.

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Guidelines for building projects in Graz available as a tool on Eltis (Austria)

New residences, businesses, retail, leisure or educational institutions should be accessible for users in a secure and comfortable way. This is especially true for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as for bus and tram users. Guidelines are now available as Tool for Practitioners.

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Case Studies


Zero Carbon Mobility – Cycling in Lviv (Ukraine)

Lviv is using a systemic approach to develop cycling infrastructure and to improve conditions for cyclists in a comprehensive way by establishing a working group, setting up a cycle plan and by active promotion of cycling.

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Bicycles measure the quality of cycle paths in Belgium

Cycle paths in 16 Flemish municipalities have been tested for comfort and quality. The measurements were done with specially equipped bicycles, developed by Universities in Leuven and Brussels. 

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Berlin International Conference on Commercial/Goods Transport in Urban Areas

A conference of the German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) Berlin 6 – 7 February 2012, in cooperation with Laboratoire d’Economie des Transports (LET) and POLIS – European Cities and Regions networking for Innovative Transport Solutions.

The integration of commercial transport with the planning and regulatory functions of local governments is a matter that has still not been adequately dealt with.  This conference focuses on necessities and possibilities for the integration of this kind of transport with wider urban mobility policies. Issues for discussion include practical examples of strategies and measures to integrate commercial transport into wider mobility policies; the legal bases for implementation; and data acquisition and modelling. 

Conference languages: Simultaneous translation in English, German, and French
For more information and registration please visit www.difu.de.

Introducing TRANSPORT LEARNING – Empowerment of practitioners to achieve energy savings in urban transport

TRANSPORT LEARNING offers a flexible but comprehensive training programme on sustainable urban transport policies and measures targeted at eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

The training events are for local authorities and energy agencies in these regions, but anyone working, or planning to work on sustainable transport issues is also welcome.  

The project’s training programme covers eight topics:

  • Parking space management, access restriction and speed control
  • Mobility management measures for families, kindergartens and schools
  • Land use and housing in mobility management
  • Public transport models
  • Street design, streetscape and traffic calming
  • Walking and cycling - counselling municipalities
  • Design and implementation of sustainable mobility campaigns
  • Communication training

All topics are designed to give participants knowledge and understanding of the relevant policies and measures that they can then apply directly in their work.  

Firstly, trainees will participate actively in a practical two-day training course. Here they will learn the required technical background, but will mainly build on and develop their own knowledge and experience by means practical exercises. All courses will be held with simultaneous translation to/from the respective country’s mother tongue and English.

Secondly, trainees will develop and implement small scale projects, called mini-projects, as their first practical application of the new knowledge gained. They will make a start on the concept and work plan for their mini-projects during the training course, and then later the trainers will mentor the trainees as they carry out their mini-projects.  Trainees can choose freely which and how many of the eight training events they want to take part in; furthermore (and importantly!) participation is free of any charge!

The registration for the training is now open! Simply visit the project website www.transportlearning.net and click on “register now!”. The form that then opens allows you to choose freely which training topics are of interest for you.

The first training courses are:
7th – 8th of May 2012

  • GREECE: Design and implementation of sustainable mobility campaigns
  • HUNGARY: Public transport models
  • ITALY: Mobility management measures for families, kindergartens and schools
  • POLAND: Land use and housing in Mobility Management

18th – 19th of June 2012

  • BULGARIA: Communication training
  • PORTUGAL: Street design, streetscape and traffic calming
  • ROMANIA: Walking and cycling – counselling municipalities
  • SPAIN: Parking space management, access restrictions and speed control

The full training calendar with all dates and locations is available here! Trainings are free of charge.

TRANSPORT LEARNING is a new project of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. It comprises 15 partners led by the Technical University of Dresden.  Further information on TRANSPORT LEARNING, any requests related to the training as well as queries related to the project in general can be directed to the project partners using the online contact form.



Eltis user of the month


Is Armin Wagner, GIZ, Germany

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Article of the month


This month, Sally Kneeshaw, Lead Expert in the project “Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe” EVUE (co-funded within the URBACT Programme), presents her conclusions on Going Electric at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
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