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Mobility Update December 2012

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 15 Jan 2015

Welcome to the Eltis Mobility Update!

In our Christmas edition of Eltis Mobility Update we would like to ask you to give us your views about Eltis! Have we improved over the last year? Are we meeting your interests and expectations? Could you – or did you - use our information for your work? How could we make Eltis even more successful and popular? Please take a few minutes to complete our online questionnaire and help us to further improve Eltis for you.

October and November have been busy months as we added 84 new case studies to the Eltis Case Studies section. Meanwhile we continued translating many more case studies into other languages, meaning that there are now more than 450 case studies available in Polish.

In this month's interview Pierre Cohen, Mayor of Toulouse and President of Tisséo-SMTC (Public Transport Authority of the Greater Toulouse), talks about the pillars of the transport policy in his city and his visions for the future. To watch the full interview, click here (video files in English and French). There are also two related video case studies from Toulouse on 'Car Sharing' and 'Bus Priority'.

We wish you a relaxing and festive Christmas break.

Your Eltis Team


Mayor of Paris to battle traffic and air pollution (France)

By presenting a comprehensive action plan which aims to ban cars older than 17 years from Paris, the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delenoe, wants to reduce traffic and air pollution in his city. Paris follows London, Stockholm and Milan in planning to introduce a Low-Emission Zone in the city and its suburbs.

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ISEMOA presents tool to improve accessibility in cities, towns and regions

The ISEMOA Quality Management Scheme (QMS) provides a structured framework to assess and improve accessibility work. The tool helps transport planners identify strengths and weaknesses of their accessibility work, and gives guidance on which parts of the work to focus on to improve its quality.

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European Commission announces winners of sustainable mobility action

Within the framework of its Sustainable Urban Mobility campaign, the European Commission has announced the 20 winning actions set to receive up to €7000 each in financial support.
The money will be used to further the activities of the winning initiatives in promoting sustainable urban mobility.

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Winter cycling (Finland)

Oulu is a well-known cycling city within Finland. The residents of Oulu don’t leave their bikes at home even when the weather conditions get more challenging. The modal share of cycling is 12% in winter, a figure that many cities don’t reach even during summer time.

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Call for proposals 2013: € 65 million available for new Intelligent Energy Europe projects

The new IEE call for project proposals is open! In 2013, there will be € 65 million available for funding. Do not miss the opportunity to submit your ideas for projects in areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, clean transport and local energy investments! The call closes on 8th May 2013 for all types of actions except the BUILD UP Skills initiative which has different deadlines. Find out more on the IEE website.

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Introducing: ECOSTARS – How cities can get cleaner transport on their streets

Ten European cities and regions have decided to closely cooperate with operators of van, truck and bus fleets to improve air quality. The ECOSTARS Fleet Recognition Scheme has been developed over the last 18 months and is now ready to be rolled out by authorities across Europe.

ECOSTARS is a voluntary schemes that encourages operators to improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and minimise their impact on local air quality.  ECOSTARS is unique in the sense that mobility management measures are applied to the passenger, service and freight movement sectors in one scheme.

Members of ECOSTARS in Edinburgh, for example, include a bakery company, a newspaper distributor, and a backpacker travel and luxury tour operator. “To make a significant impact on air quality in Edinburgh and to preserve our city for future generations, we need operators to take responsibility for the emissions their vehicles generate”, said Councillor Mackenzie at the scheme launch.

Interested to set up a fleet recognition scheme? ECOSTARS helps authorities across Europe to get started

It is not only the project partner cities that benefit from ECOSTARS. Local ECOSTARS scheme can be implemented by any city or region looking to increase engagement with industry to reduce air pollutants and carbon emissions. Four additional schemes, inspired by existing scheme successes, have since been launched in the UK in Mid-Devon, Thurrock, Falkirk and Gedling. They have sourced different public funds for air quality, economic efficiency and carbon management!

Authorities who wish to set up their own ECOSTARS scheme are supported with a tool kit with common scheme documents, case studies which give valuable advice on expected work load and budget estimations, and training for new auditors.

Soft measures to reduce the impact of road transport on local air quality

The IEE funded ECOSTARS project is based on the first “ECO Stars” scheme developed by a partnership of four local authorities in South Yorkshire, UK, as part of a regional air quality initiative. The original scheme now covers over 5,500 vehicles and has been publicly welcomed by a number of prominent fleet operators.

ECOSTARS was subsequently developed to provide authorities across Europe with a method of environmental engagement with fleet operators. The scheme aims to achieve faster introduction of vehicles using clean fuel technologies, the promotion of eco-driving skills, and knowledge and experience transfer.

Scheme membership includes tailor-made support and encouragement. It also provides visibility and publicity for the joining fleet operator, whose operational and environmental profile will be raised.

Common scheme standards across Europe

The ECOSTARS project is establishing seven new local schemes in European cities and regions in which vehicles and operating practices are rated according to star rating criteria. The seven new ECOSTARS schemes are Edinburgh (UK), Parma (IT), Rotterdam (NE), Southeast Sweden (SE), Ostrava (CZ), Cantabria (ES) and the Basque region (ES).

“Combine growth with sustainability”

Fermin Llaguno-Mazas, General Director for Transport in Cantabria, explains why his region runs ECOSTARS: “While we are talking about a key sector for economic growth in Europe we cannot forget that road transport is a major source of emissions and energy consumption and increasingly expensive. ECOSTARS should allow us to combine growth with sustainability and raise awareness among producers on the impossibility of dissociating these two terms.”

ECOSTARS Europe is a 3 year project funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) II Programme and started in June 2011.





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is Zlatko Mesarić, a qualified traffic engineer working for the Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota (CHD-MS), Slovenia

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