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By Tom Nokes / Updated: 17 Jan 2018

SPRING CONFERENCE 2018: Managing Change and Growth In Places of Connection

A European conference celebrating urban transport nodes and urban (re)development around main public transport nodes will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from 23 - 25 May 2018.

Several flagship projects from around Europe will share their experiences. It will bring together the leaders of each development and focuses on collaboration between stakeholders, landowners, and civil society representatives.

For more information, please contact this email address: springconference2018@utrecht.nl.

By News Editor / Updated: 17 Jan 2017

BiTiBi final conference

After three years of intensive collaboration among four European countries, the 10 partners involved in BiTiBi are pleased to host the final conference of this project.

The conference will share the encouraging results of the pilot projects and explain how the implementation of qualitative bike facilities at train stations can increase the number of train passengers and cyclists, and deliver an improvement on city traffic.

By Fred Dotter / Updated: 16 Apr 2015

CIVITAS: mobility management training for companies

In conjunction with the 19th ECOMM – European Conference on Mobility Management in Utrecht, the Netherlands, the CIVITAS project is organising a training on mobility management for companies. 

By Pavlina Dravecka / Updated: 11 May 2015

ECOMM 2015

Every year, EPOMM appoints one of the participating countries to organise ECOMM (European Conference on Mobility Management). This conference attracts 300 – 400 participants each year. During the conference, participants exchange knowledge and experience on people’s transportation choices and how to influence (traveller) behaviour.