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By Imogen / Updated: 18 Jul 2018

European Cities Leading Innovation For Urban Mobility

The International Association of Public Transport (Union Internationale des Transports Publics UITP) will organise a double session entitled "European cities leading innovation for urban mobility" on 11 October in Brussels in the framework of the EU Week of Regions and Cities. The objective of the event will be to discuss how transport innovation can address the urban challenges that European cities are facing.

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 16 May 2018

CREATE final conference


Cities are recognising that their success and their citizens’ well-being depend on reducing road traffic dominance and limiting the impacts of traffic congestion – CREATEing an inspiring, liveable and flourishing city, with easy access to the things that are important to people.

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 22 May 2018

Towards a Sustainable European Transport System

Transport is a key sector contributing significantly to the European economy, accounting for 4.8% of European Union gross value and providing eleven million jobs. Notwithstanding the important economic benefits, transport is responsible for a third of all energy consumption in the European Environment Agency territory and for more than 25% of greenhouse gas emissions, with aviation activities being the leading source of polluters.

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 08 May 2018

Safer and Smarter – the Road to 2030

The PIN covers all relevant areas of road safety including road user behaviour, infrastructure and vehicles, as well as road safety policymaking. At the 2018 PIN conference, ETSC will launch its Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) annual report. They will present the latest road safety figures and identify actions needed to accelerate road safety progress. Child road safety and data collection topics will be highlighted. The event will feature a high-level panel debate “the European Road Safety Strategy 2020-30”.

By Fiona Twisse / Updated: 12 Apr 2018


EU Green Week; Green Cities for a Greener Future is taking place from 21-25th May and will explore ways in which the EU is helping cities to become better places to live and work.  

Showcasing policy developments on air quality, noise, nature and biodiversity, waste and water management, Green Week will promote participatory approaches to urban development, networking schemes, and tools for sharing best practices, engaging local authorities and citizens, and encouraging them to share their vision of a sustainable future.

By Tom Nokes / Updated: 19 Jan 2018

Information Day for the EIT's 2018 Call for Proposals

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is organising an Information Day for the 2018 Call for Proposals for two new Innovation Communities: EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility. 

What will happen at the Information Day? The EIT will:

By Tom Nokes / Updated: 19 Jan 2018

Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum – Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place

Accelerating investment into climate adaptation and sustainable energy are important to ensure a clean energy transition and helping the EU to meet its climate and energy targets for 2020 and 2030. This will bring significant benefits for all European citizens and companies in terms of jobs and sustainable growth, lower energy bills, health and security of energy supply as well as greater resilience of cities to a constantly changing climate. 

By Tom Nokes / Updated: 17 Jan 2018

CIVITAS Urban Freight Conference

The EU-funded CITYLAB, NOVELOG, SUCCESS, U-TURN projects join forces and invite you to the CIVITAS Urban Freight Conference, an interactive event including presentations, posters and exhibitions, breakout and training sessions, workshops and awards. Participants will discuss new cooperation models for engaging and supporting public and private actors, the future of urban logistics, as well as specific topics as stakeholder cooperation, policy and regulation, planning for freight, technology, data collection and management.

By Tom Nokes / Updated: 17 Jan 2018

FLOW and TRACE final conference: Decongesting Europe - New approaches to freeing our cities

How walking and cycling can help reduce congestion: The FLOW and TRACE projects join forces and invite to an interactive event. It includes a TRACE "tracking tour", training sessions, presentations, breakout sessions, political debate, world café and awards. Registration will open early 2018 via h2020-flow.eu and h2020-trace.eu.
By Tom Nokes / Updated: 18 Jan 2018

ZeEUS (Zero Emission Urban Bus System) final event