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Nominations open for 2015 Sustainable Transport Award

The 10th annual Sustainable Transport Award, which recognises profound leadership, vision, and achievement in sustainable transportation and urban livability, is now open for nominations.
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Case Studies

Encouraging tourists to travel sustainably in Funchal (Portugal)

In 2010 Funchal decided to implement a new sustainable public transport strategy to encourage tourists to use local transport over private forms of travel. Together with local hotels it produced a Tourist Kit that included transport tickets, maps and other guides to help holidaymakers get around easily by public transport. Its quick success helped boost overall ticket sales for the local public transport operator and improved the satisfaction of hotel guests. Funchal later developed software for digital media to complement the Kit, and is now hoping to build on its success by promoting it further in different ways around the city.
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Recicleta - waste paper collection with cargo tricycles

Recicleta - waste paper collection with cargo tricycles

With the help of cargo-tricycles, disadvantaged individuals (with financial difficulties, from large families, unemployed) get ecological jobs: to collect waste paper from small companies in Bucharest. RECICLETA is the first almost carbon neutral initiative in Romania.
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