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Electric cars talk tourists into sightseeing (Malta)

A fleet of talking electric cars that take tourists around the sights of Cottonera in Malta with the help of multi-lingual audio guides are now in operation.
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Training for a future of sustainable urban mobility (Romania)

Romanian cities face increasing problems caused by transport and traffic. In response, the country is working on urban mobility projects to tackle these issues. In many cases these solutions bring with them new ideas, infrastructure and technology. For the changes to be most effective it is crucial to support those who will be implementing them on the frontline. That is why the Romanian Union of Public Transport led training courses over a period of 14 months for public transport employees - not only to teach them about new technologies they may encounter, but also to explain the environmental, political and economic reasons behind the changes.
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Recicleta - waste paper collection with cargo tricycles

Recicleta - waste paper collection with cargo tricycles

With the help of cargo-tricycles, disadvantaged individuals (with financial difficulties, from large families, unemployed) get ecological jobs: to collect waste paper from small companies in Bucharest. RECICLETA is the first almost carbon neutral initiative in Romania.
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