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EIB supports modernisation of public transport in Düsseldorf (Germany)

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has granted Rheinbahn, the public transport authority in the Düsseldorf region, a multi-million euro loan to become more efficient and environmentally friendly.
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Utrecht’s sustainable freight transport (The Netherlands)

The city of Utrecht is a densely populated city, with its centre being of major historical and cultural importance. But its ancient streets are being damaged by traditional forms of road freight transport. To tackle this problem the city introduced two new and innovative methods of transport: the waterborne electric Beer Boat, and the solar-powered electric freight road vehicle known as the Cargohopper. This has resulted in a reduction in emissions, noise and freight traffic, and increased the safety and quality of life for city residents.
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Recicleta - waste paper collection with cargo tricycles

Recicleta - waste paper collection with cargo tricycles

With the help of cargo-tricycles, disadvantaged individuals (with financial difficulties, from large families, unemployed) get ecological jobs: to collect waste paper from small companies in Bucharest. RECICLETA is the first almost carbon neutral initiative in Romania.
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